Hybrid challenges

Hybrid challenges

Engage with a number of communities of innovators.
Combine skills.
Open up innovation to as many people as possible.

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Mobilize a range of communities of innovators

Cover the whole spectrum of innovation:

Build closer relationships with digital natives to better understand the needs of tomorrow’s consumers.

Be inspired by innovative prototypes designed by the best developers.

Source operational and relevant technology from startups to help your business.

Kickstart your employees’ creative power and encourage intrapreneurship.

Our hybrid challenges have already attracted more than 150 companies and 1 million innovators from around the world. Ready to join them?

A global community of 5 million innovators

3 million

1 million



Your internal community of innovators + our external communities of innovators

The most open organizations are also the most innovative. Consulting your internal AND external stakeholders means you can take a 360° approach to finding solutions.

Seek out innovation within your company and outside it at the same time:

Your employees

they know your company’s values and the work it does. Awaken their creative potential!

Outside innovators

they provide a new viewpoint and the step back that’s needed for innovative ideas to emerge.

Which communities are best for your challenge?

We’ll work together to pick the most appropriate communities based on your needs.

Mix and match communities and let the magic happen!


For your marketing campaign



To refocus your offering on your customers and users


To produce dozens of prototypes



To boost your digital transformation


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