Online hackathons

Online hackathons

Source the apps of the future.
Attract and recruit the best developers.
Reach out to the tech ecosystem.


The leading online hackathon platform

Tired of hackathons that ask developers to do the impossible in less than 48h?

Designed in partnership with 42 and Epitech, our online hackathons take place on our online platform and run over several weeks. This means that organizers and participants can break free of the logistical constraints of traditional hackathons.

The benefit of online hackathons is that they produce more complete prototypes that can be quickly implemented within your company.


A quick-fix solution for a problem of any kind


An endurance event that puts participants’ stamina to the test


A collaborative online platform with over 1 million users

Online hackathon

A hackathon over several weeks, where multi-disciplinary teams work together and submit their prototypes online. The best are then selected to attend the final in person.

Our online hackathons have already attracted over 20,000 IT profiles and 150 companies from around the world. Ready to join them?


An Agorize online hackathon is

1 million

from our community

tech school


30 operational

per hackathon

12 to 15
recruitment interviews

following the hackathon

1 Be inspired by innovative prototypes

Online hackathons allow you to open up your company’s data to talented and motivated teams of developers. Organized into multi-disciplinary teams with complementary skills, participants combine the data you give them, producing functional and novel applications.


In multi-disciplinary teams, participants focus on a range of elements (marketing, technical aspects, UX and more) when designing their solutions


Make your data available to participating teams and benefit from out-of- the-box solutions that are suited to your needs


Share your knowledge with participating teams and help their projects to move forward

2 Identify the best developers

Today’s best developers and tech profiles take part in our online hackathons. With Agorize, it’s easy to create an IT innovation challenge, monitor and coach participants, and recruit the tech talent that will make your company a success!


Discover new profiles – professional developers, designers, UX/UI experts, data scientists, web designers, ergonomics experts and more


Access participants’ profiles in real time and interact with them directly on our collaborative platform

Innovative recruitment

Meet the most promising talent at a real-life end-of- challenge final and discover talented individuals that are the key to developing your business

3 Advertise to the global tech ecosystem

Online hackathons are a way for you to let the world know about your work – a chance for you to talk to a global community of experienced developers who are ready to take on new technical challenges. Put our IT community to the challenge – position yourself as an innovative company and attract developers from the world over!


your initiative to a targeted tech audience through our network of over 400 IT partners


We give a huge boost to your hackathon’s reach thanks to our powerful online platform and via social media


Reduce the time spent on organization and maximize the number of IT challengers from across the world

The 4 stages of an online hackathon


Online registration
and ideation stage

2 months

100-200 teams of hackers

3 slides introducing the concept

Pre-selection vote

Online mentoring

1 month

25 teams of hackers

Dossier of 15-20 slides. Clear vision of the project’s UX/UI (mockup, etc.)

Online mentoring

Selection vote


1 month

5 teams of hackers

Prototype + video, mockup, demo, etc.

final oral pitch

Awards ceremony

Why launch an online hackathon with Agorize?


A network of 1 million developers and 400 tech partners


An online platform that combines projects and participants’ profiles

Inspirational prototypes

Discover prototypes that are focused on your end clients and users


50 to 150 multi-disciplinary teams per hackathon


An effective online and offline communications strategy


Large-scale real-life events organized – speed-hacks, finals

400+ partner tech networks, universities and colleges

Success Stories

A few examples of online hackathons organized by Agorize

A turnkey challenge to attract the best IT profiles in just 3 months


We support you throughout the hackathon, from identifying your objectives to organizing the final ceremony. Agorize takes care of everything.


Launch your hackathon

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