Organize a hackathon


Organize a hackathon


✓ Source the apps of the future

✓ Attract and recruit the best developers

✓ Reach out to the tech ecosystem

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Organizing a hackathon with Agorize means

Nearly 1,000,000 developers

from our community

400 tech school


30 operational prototypes

per hackathon

12 to 15 recruitment interviews

following the hackathon

Our online hackathons have already attracted over 20,000 IT profiles and 150 companies from around the world. Ready to join them?

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With hackathons by Agorize, you will…

Be inspired by innovative prototypes

Online hackathons allow you to open up your company’s data to talented and motivated teams of programmers and developers. Whether it’s machine learning, AI, big data or cybersecurity – these developers can create personalised tech solutions for you, which can be tested and prototyped within your company. Organized into multi-disciplinary teams with complementary skills, participants combine the data you give them, producing functional and novel applications that can be integrated into your business practices.


Share your knowledge with participating teams and help their projects to move forward


Make your data available to participating teams and benefit from out-of- the-box solutions that are suited to your needs


In multi-disciplinary teams, participants focus on a range of elements (marketing, technical aspects, UX and more) when designing their solutions

Identify the best developers

By organizing an online hackathon, you will engage the best developers and tech profiles from different fields of expertise, who are looking for their next challenge. With Agorize, it’s easy to create an IT innovation challenge, monitor and coach participants, and recruit the tech talent that will make your company a success!


Discover new profiles – professional developers, designers, UX/UI experts, data scientists, web designers, ergonomics experts and more


Use your hackathon to learn more about your branding and give developers an insight into your company. Access participants’ profiles in real time and interact with them directly on our collaborative platform.

Innovative Recruitment

From our open innovation SaaS platform to the live final, discover the most promising talent and get to know talented individuals who are key to developing your business.

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The 4 stages of an online hackathon

A turnkey challenge to attract the best IT profiles in just 3 months


We support you throughout the hackathon, from identifying your objectives to organizing the final ceremony. Agorize takes care of everything!


Launch your hackathon