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The Agorize online challenge platform connects businesses and innovators from all over the world.
Thanks to unrivalled proprietary software, Agorize supports companies by harnessing collective intelligence.


Find the right teammates

In an open innovation challenge, working in a complementary team is the key to success. That’s why we’ve developed a matchmaking algorithm that makes it quicker and easier to form multidisciplinary teams.

Each participant creates their profile directly on the platform. They can then:

Join an existing team
Create their own team and recruit members

The platform puts teams who are looking for specific skills in touch with people who have those skills – and vice versa.


Work together remotely

The Agorize platform makes remote collaboration simple.

The workspace has been designed to facilitate online teamwork:

Submit and download documents
Use the chat module for real-time interaction

Teams can accelerate their iterations and break down geographic barriers.


Advise and help teams

The most promising teams often need a helping hand to expand on their projects.

You can get employees involved and task them with helping teams to take their projects further.

The mentoring area is designed to facilitate and provide a framework for remote discussions between mentors and teams.

It’s an excellent way of giving your employees the chance to truly experience collaborative and open innovation!


Select the best projects

Effectively identifying the best projects has never been so simple.

Use a dynamic selection interface that suits your jury’s needs, regardless of how many members it includes.

The platform offers two voting systems:

Voting using criteria: score projects on their relevance, feasibility, creativity, etc.
Vote for your top pick: choose the projects that won you over


Monitor your challenge

As an administrator, access customizable advanced statistics about your challenge:

  • the number of participants, teams, and applications submitted
  • geographic and demographic information about participants
  • universities & colleges/educational background (for students and IT profiles), subsidiaries/departments (for employees)
  • Any other stats you want to monitor!

Export statistics, participants’ profiles and projects in a single click to get an accurate overview of your challenge.

SaaS FrenchTech

Agorize – a FrenchTech award winner!

In 2016, our online platform for open innovation challenges was voted ‘Best collaborative SaaS platform’ by FrenchTech

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