Client testimonials

Client and participant testimonials


What the people involved in our open innovation challenges say


Some innovated through collaboration, inventing revolutionary projects. Others received dozens of outside-the-box ideas to transform their products, processes and businesses.

Recruitment & Employer brand

Some recruited the best developers, students and startups through open innovation. Others forged major business partnerships and discovered the employer of their dreams.

Marketing & Communication

Some boosted their company’s visibility and invested in their employer brand. Others helped to transform experienced groups’ identity and strategy.

Innovation testimonials

“We worked with [the startups] right up until the final prototype. We were really happy – we saw them grow in just a few months. We’re delighted with the result, with the final and with the projects we saw. The winners generally worked in a very specific area of business, and [this challenge] gave us a different vision and revealed new products we weren’t aware of.”

Anthony Charbonnier – Startup relations officer at Sigfox

“The challenge brought us a breath of fresh air, a lot of new ideas, a desire to innovate that we find really inspiring, and perhaps also a few fairly disruptive ideas that we’ll need to put in place for our clients.”

Emmanuel Méthivier – Director of the Crédit Agricole Store

“The open innovation challenge was a chance for us to connect with the members of a creative community and ask them to help us to imagine what ALD might look like in the future. It helped us to understand new ideas and new concepts that are emerging in our market, outside of our offices, as well as giving our employees the opportunity to meet this innovative community and make their own contribution to the company’s development.”

John Saffret – CAO at ALD Automotive

“In my view, [open innovation challenges] offer two opportunities. The first is that they help to create disruptive ideas for our company. The second is that they encourage the members of our digital community who have new ideas – they get them to think for themselves rather than just taking the normal approaches, and the result is a revolution within our company.”

Romain Thomann – Head of the Web Department at ALD International

Recruitment & Employer brand testimonials

We’ll be delighted to welcome the winning team to our company and we’ve asked them to come and present their project to our steering committee because I think the whole company needs to be shaken up and that the entire steering committee needs to feel the benefits of this wonderful half-day. I was really surprised by how well [the participants] had prepared, clearly and precisely explaining what they wanted to do. I sincerely hope they keep that freshness and the oxygen of innovation – it’s really refreshing. It was a truly extraordinary afternoon!”

Pascal Wettle – Deputy CEO at Banque Populaire Rive de Paris

“Innovative projects, projects that truly address new practices, projects that provide challenges for us in our areas of business. I found it all extremely interesting, and I also thought that the participants brought a lot of enthusiasm and confidence for the future, [especially] when you see these startups and students with so much creativity and so many good ideas.

Caroline Nicaise – Director of Innovation and Communications at Crédit Agricole Assurance

We put students in touch with the business world, and it’s a win-win situation for everyone because these links don’t normally exist so they don’t see each other or talk to each other enough – that was another benefit of the challenge.”

Amilane Rapti – Department of Economic Development – Paris-Saclay University

“A hackathon is a chance to find young developers. This kind of hackathon over several days always leads to more complete projects. It means that we get a beta version of an app that’s almost finished in every respect.”

Mathieu Dutto – Developer at Dailymotion

“I found the mentoring system extremely rewarding, leading to a real understanding of the organization and its issues. It was also the occasion for me to get in touch for the first time with the members of Galeries Lafayette; it made me want to join their team!”

Tiphaine Sueur – Galeries Lafayette Challenge participant

“The projects were really high-level. We were blown away – the quality was really excellent. The projects made use of innovative techniques and the latest technology to extents we’d never even dreamed of.

Laurent Pernelle – Employer Brand Manager at Allianz

Marketing & Communication testimonials

“Launching this challenge is really important for us, because it allows us to understand how young people are changing, how universities are changing and how the entrepreneurial spirit is taking root in France. It’s really important for us to be able to see these changes and to be as close as possible to our users.”

Valérie Kalifa – Marketing Director France at Wix

“We ended up with truly new and original ideas, as well as a fresh look at all of our potential projects and at the TV of the future.”

New Technologies Project Manager at Canal+

“We spend our time creating new services, but it’s always beneficial to get in touch with people from younger generations, who are more skilled with new technology.”

Frédéric Vincent – Technical and IT Director at Canal+

“For a group like Canal+, it’s essential to understand what your future customers are going to want from their television service.”

Jean Christophe Poirot – Innovation Director at the Canal+ Group

“The students’ presentations were really high-quality – dynamic, full of great ideas and extremely innovative. It’s been a fantastic source of inspiration for us on a daily basis.”

Nathalie Lahmi – Director of Digital Marketing at Allianz

“It’s so impressive seeing all the ideas they have, and they really resonate with our own issues.”

Juliette Berger – IT and Organizational Director at AXA

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