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Student challenges

Identify current trends in your sector.
Source hundreds of innovative ideas.
Attract and recruit the best talent.

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The missing link between
businesses and young innovators

Agorize student challenges are designed to bring together businesses and today’s best minds – those who will soon be tomorrow’s consumers.

Our challenges are the missing link between:


who are seeking out innovations, talent and ways to boost their employer brand


and young graduates from across the world who want to be noticed and gain experience

Our student challenges have already attracted more than 3 million students and 150 organizations from around the world. Ready to join them?

An Agorize student challenge is

3 million college students

and young graduates from our community


universities and colleges

200 innovative ideas

per challenge

12 to 15
recruitment interviews

following the challenge

1Identify tomorrow’s trends

Our student challengers come from a wide and complementary range of study backgrounds, including engineering, business, design and architecture. Organized into multi-disciplinary teams, they form a group that can identify critical innovations for your business.


Agorize is the best platform for identifying
the most promising projects from our challengers:


from a huge range of ideas, with an average of over 150 teams per challenge


the students who are best suited to your needs thanks to our diverse range of profiles


Students work together in multi-disciplinary teams


with teams remotely and provide mentoring


the best projects intuitively and gradually – multi-stage challenges, voting tools, Facebook outreach, etc.


by gathering out-of-the-box solutions, a source of inspiration that could confirm your current avenues of development or result in new insights for your company

2 Strengthen your employer brand

Branch out to the consumers of the future! Reach almost 500,000 students. Increase your visibility at your target universities and colleges and bring your company closer to its future young talent.

Our targeted communications strategy allows you
to boost your visibility among an educated audience:

500,000 students

reached on average with every challenge


on our Facebook page

17,000+ universities and colleges

across 145 countries circulate our student challenges


The chance to give talks and hold events in your target universities and colleges

Included in 200+ courses

Our student challenges are used as course material on a number of programmes. Students are given credit for taking part.


The best universities and colleges are represented on our platform: HEC, Centrale Paris, Columbia, Cambridge, McGill, LSE, and more.

3 Identify and recruit future talent

Choose innovative recruitment. On the Agorize platform, students state their interest in your business sector and your company as well as their ability to form multi-disciplinary teams and make relevant recommendations.

Use Agorize as an innovative recruitment platform


Student challengers have already been offered over 800 internships and 200 jobs

Educated profiles

Build a student recruitment pool based on their motivation, adaptability and talent

Innovative recruitment

An average of 12 to 15 suggestions for recruitment interviews following each final

Ré-inventez votre façon de recruter

  • Bénéficiez du plus grand vivier de talents au monde. Attirez des étudiants venant des meilleures universités en les impliquant sur des projets innovants.
  • Testez directement les talents sur des enjeux clés de votre organisation. Évitez les erreurs de recrutement en mettant à la fois leurs compétences techniques et leur savoir-être à l’épreuve.
  • Repérez et recrutez facilement les meilleurs étudiants. Identifiez les talents capables d’accélérer l’innovation au sein de votre organisation.



Construisez une marque employeur forte et durable

  • Boostez votre attractivité face à la concurrence accrue des startups. Bénéficiez d’une image d’organisation innovante et dynamique, gagnez la guerre des talents.
  • Piquez la curiosité des top talents. Offrez-leur la possibilité de travailler sur des projets stimulants et d’exprimer toute leur créativité.
  • Remédiez à un manque de notoriété. Quel que soit votre domaine d’expertise et secteur d’activité, bénéficiez du plus grand réseau d’étudiants du monde pour promouvoir votre marque employeur.

Communiquez auprès des jeunes et faites parler de votre organisation

  • Mettez-vous à l’écoute des jeunes talents pour mieux comprendre leurs attentes.
  • Lancez des campagnes de communication et marketing plus efficaces. Travaillez en collaboration avec les étudiants, co-créez des campagnes parfaitement ciblées.
  • Faites parler de votre entreprise. Bénéficiez du plus grand réseau d’étudiants du monde et rayonnez auprès des jeunes talents.


The 4 stages of a student challenge


Online registration
and ideation stage

2 months

100-200 teams of students

3 slides introducing the concept

Preselection vote


Expansion stage

1 month

25 teams of students

20-slide dossiers

Online mentoring

Selection vote


Preparing final oral presentation

2 weeks

5 teams of students

Presentations, mockups, etc.

10-minute final oral pitch

Awards ceremony

Why launch a student challenge with Agorize?


A global network of 3 million students and 17,000 universities and colleges


An online platform that combines projects and participants’ profiles

The best universities

Our challenges are a part of more than 200 courses at the best universities and colleges


150 teams per challenge on average


An effective online and offline communications strategy


Large-scale real-life events organized (finals)

17,000+ partner schools and universities

Success stories

A few examples of student challenges organized by Agorize

A turnkey challenge to attract the best students in just 3 months

We support you throughout the challenge, from identifying your objectives
to organizing the final ceremony. Agorize takes care of everything.



Launch your challenge

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