Internal challenges

internal challenge


Internal challenges

✓ Strengthen your employees’ engagement

✓ Boost your digital transformation

✓ Promote intrapreneurship

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Involve your employees
in your innovation strategy

Agorize’s internal challenges are an original and exciting way for you to engage your employees.

Working in teams, participants develop their agility and their intrapreneurial spirit. By getting your employees to vote for the best projects, you’ll encourage interaction between departments and internal collaboration.

It’s a recipe for boosting your company’s digital transformation.

Our internal challenges have already attracted more than 800,000 employees and 150 organizations from around the world. Ready to join them?

An Agorize internal challenge is

800,000 employees

– participants and voters

70% participation rate

on average

Hundreds of innovative projects

per challenge

3 to 5 projects accelerated

following a challenge

1Improve your employees’ engagement

by involving them in your innovation strategy.

By putting your teams to work on your innovation strategy, you’ll see that their creative potential can easily match their business expertise. The internal challenge format allows you to recognize the most talented individuals capable of dealing with your issues. It’s also an opportunity to talk about your initiatives and share best practices.

Focus on people

Because your employees are what makes your business strong. Put the human element back at the heart of your management strategy. Support them with their ideas.


agility and creativity into your teams. Train your employees in the techniques used by startups and develop their potential.


your most talented employees. Support the people behind innovative projects and get them involved in creating your strategy.

2Break through silos your company

and promote cross-department interaction.

Encourage your employees to form multi-department teams. When members of different departments work together, it helps breaking down internal barriers. Those who don’t take part are invited to vote on the best projects, giving them a better insight into your company as a whole.

Break down

internal barriers. Encourage sharing and discussions between departments. Get them working on a common goal.


the creation of cross-department teams through our digital platform. Build long-term relationships based on trust between your teams.


more quickly! Source innovative proposals from your employees and implement new projects more quickly.

3Foster the development of intrapreneurship

Internal challenges help to boost your employees’ intrapreneurial spirit – and you could also end up with dozens of internal startups. These ‘companies within a company’ help businesses stay agile and innovative in an increasingly competitive environment.

Set out

the framework and let your teams surprise you with their innovative proposals. Your employees’ creativity is just waiting to be let out.

Everything you need to succeed

They already have a perfect grasp of your challenges. So who could be better placed than your employees to suggest solutions?

Encourage intrapreneurship

Give your employees support with the practical implementation of their project. Develop your company by encouraging the creation of new, more flexible divisions.

The 4 stages of an internal challenge


Why launch an internal challenge with Agorize?


An online platform for monitoring how projects are developing


An audit of your needs and challenge guidance


800,000+ employees have already taken part in our challenges


Average participation of 70%

Use your employees’ potential

Launch your challenge

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