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Our team and our values play a key role in Agorize’s success.

It’s what makes our project unique and gives us the energy to move mountains every day.


At Agorize, our heads are overflowing with creativity. Our offices are buzzing with ideas. Sometimes they’re novel, sometimes they’re outlandish – that’s how you get innovation!

Team players

Our biggest strength is our team spirit. We roll up our sleeves, we pull together, and from the newest intern right up to the CEO, everyone plays their part.


There’s strength in diversity. Agorize is a colourful mix of backgrounds and career paths. And this melting pot is all the more important given that we launch challenges all over the world!


Drawing up briefs, writing lines of code, preparing client presentations or assembling a desk – you need to be a real all-rounder to work at Agorize!


Seizing the bull by the horns, launching bold initiatives and knowing how to fly solo – that’s also part of the Agorize philosophy!

Work hard, play hard

When there’s sweat on your forehead and your fingers are numb from typing, it’s time to take a break – play some pool, have a game of ping-pong, or give the arcade machine a try. Hell yeah!