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Startup challenge


Startup challenges

✓ Get connected to the best startups

✓ Forge promising partnerships

✓ Strengthen your leadership through innovation

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Boost collaboration between startups and major companies

The startup ecosystem is outstandingly creative and agile.
Big companies have unrivaled financial, technical and human resources.

Our startup challenges are an effective way of bringing together:

Major companies

looking to boost their process of innovation

Innovative startups

that offer packaged solutions

Our startup challenges have already attracted more than 150 companies and 300,000 startups from around the world. Ready to join them?


An Agorize startup challenge is

300,000 startups

from our community

1,000 partners


100 countries


2-5 partnerships

following the challenge

1 Identify the most innovative startups

Our startup challenges are designed as an efficient way for you to identify startups from around the world that best fit with your innovation needs. The selection tools made available to you mean that you can quickly choose the best startups to address your challenges.

Ready to use

Source complete solutions that can be implemented immediately


As a startup itself that works in partnership with over 150 major companies, Agorize helps you to link your business to an ecosystem of innovative startups

Internal involvement

Our solution means your operational teams can be directly involved in choosing the most relevant startups


Develop a climate of mutual trust by creating an appropriate legal framework in terms of intellectual property

2 Accelerate your process of innovation

Create new long-term strategic partnerships and identify new market trends.

Call for innovative projects

Identify the solutions that suit you from our community of 300,000 startups, with an average of 150 startups taking part in each challenge


Optimize how you select the best proposals through our gradual approach


Get the most promising startups working on your operational needs through our innovative challenge-based approach


Be the first to source and incubate the technology of the future. Define the future standards for your industry


Forge win-win partnerships and boost your capacity for innovation


Become more agile and creative by working with startups

3 Highlight your company’s openness 

Organizing a startup challenge means you can tell the tech ecosystem about your initiatives and increase awareness within your company.


Our range of online and offline communication channels boosts your visibility among a wide audience of talented individuals and specialist media


1,000 partner incubators relay information on our work to startups


The startups we work with come from 100 different countries


Show your support for the startup ecosystem. Advertise the innovative partnerships you conclude

The 3 stages of a Startup Challenge


Why launch a startup challenge with Agorize?


A network of 300,000 startups and 1000 incubators


An online platform for monitoring the call for projects


An audit of your needs and challenge guidance


Between 70 and 80 startups on average per call for projects


An effective online and offline communications strategy


Large-scale real-life events organized (workshops, finals)

Ready to launch your startup challenge?


Discover our platform and our approach.
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