Student Challenge

student challenge


Student Challenge


✓ Attract and recruit the best talent

✓ Identify trends in your industry

✓ Collect hundreds of innovative ideas


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Employer Branding and Recruitment


Our challenges are the missing link between




in search of innovation, talent and developing their employer branding.




and recent graduates around the world looking to find and gain experience.



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The Stages of a Student Challenge

student challenge timeline

Some statistics…

3,000,000 students

in our community

17,000 universities and schools

who we are partnered with

200 innovative ideas

per challenge

12 to 15 HR interviews

as a result of each challenge




17,000+ Partner Universities and Schools


A turnkey challenge to attract the best students in only 3 months

We support you all the way through the challenge, from defining your objectives up to the organization of the final ceremony. Agorize manages it all.


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