What we offer

What we offer


Discover our open innovation challenges


Why launch an open innovation challenge?


Attract and recruit the best young talent. Boost your employer brand.

Accelerate your digital transformation. Work with digital natives to create innovative concept.

Source operational and relevant technologies to help your business.  Collaborate with cutting-edge startups in your industry.

Increase agility and cooperation within your company. Kickstart your employees’ creative power and boost their motivation.

Student challenges

Identify current trends in your industry.
Source hundreds of innovative ideas.
Attract and recruit the best talent.

Online hackathons

Source the apps of the future.
Attract and recruit the best developers.
Reach out to the tech ecosystem.

Startup challenges

Get connected to the best startups.
Forge promising partnerships.
Strengthen your leadership through innovation.

Internal challenges

Strengthen your employees’ engagement.
Boost your digital transformation.
Promote intrapreneurship.

Hybrid challenges

Engage with a number of communities of innovators.
Combine skills.
Open up innovation to as many people as possible.

A turnkey challenge to attract the best innovators in just 3 months

We support you throughout the challenge, from identifying your objectives to organizing the final ceremony. Agorize takes care of everything.